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Look at these incredible hanging baskets that some of our Year 5 and 6 girls have been making in macrame club! We are so thrilled with the stunning results!— VIPS () June 7, 2024


Some budding Key Stage 1 artists from across the VIAT Trust gathered at Kings Hill on Monday morning to attend a print making workshop. We looked at the artist Yayoi Kusama and produced some beautiful work in response to her style.— VIPS () May 23, 2024


This week, to finish off our Rivers topic in Geography, Dolphin class have been making their very own 3D salt-dough river models! The River Nile has never looked so three-dimensional! Fingers crossed, they’ll be dry enough to paint on Friday!— VIPS () May 21, 2024


A HUGE well done to our INCREDIBLE Stingrays for their amazing effort, determination, and superb attitude during SATS week! We honestly couldn’t be prouder of them!— VIPS () May 17, 2024


The Kings Hill ducks have moved residency. They are now living the dream on a farm, with cows, horses, goats, dogs, cats, chickens and guinea pigs. Please keep an eye out for future updates.— VIPS () May 17, 2024


Seals class have been learning how to draw and shade a hibiscus flower in their Sketchbook lesson this week. Look at these fabulous examples!— VIPS () May 16, 2024


Year 5 have been exploring 3D shapes using nets. We created our own paper models, trying to predict the 3D shape from the net and seeing if we were correct!— VIPS () May 14, 2024


A group of Yr6 children went to St Thomas Becket Church in Capel. During this visit, the children took part in a fascinating workshop where they were able to explore the history of the church, it’s role within Christianity & the beautiful wall paintings that adorn the walls.— VIPS () May 9, 2024


This week, Dolphins have been coding their very own football game, complete with real-life physics including momentum, spin and friction!— VIPS () May 9, 2024


This morning Seals class enjoyed making some FABULOUS flower crowns to link with our learning about the book Bloom by Nicola Skinner. Don’t they look incredible?!— VIPS () May 8, 2024


Miss Burrell has been amazed by Turtles’ brilliant effort towards their Times Tables Rockstars practice this morning! Turtles are showing such fantastic effort both in school and out towards their MTC check next month, let’s keep going!— VIPS () May 7, 2024

07/05/24— VIPS () May 7, 2024


On Tuesday afternoon, our Year 6 Netball team were crowned 2024 VIAT Netball CHAMPIONS! Mr Littleton was INCREDIBLY proud of the resilience, determination, and teamwork of our superb team!— VIPS () May 1, 2024


Today in our lacrosse lesson Seals have been learning underarm and overarm throws. We’re looking forward to putting these skills together next week to play a mini match!— VIPS () April 30, 2024


Rocco in Year 6 produced an excellent piece of descriptive writing based on Macbeth as part of their English lesson this week, please do take a read at the first paragraph.— VIPS () April 26, 2024


Starfish Class continued their learning on the Gingerbread man this week. They've been busy measuring with ingredients and even baked their own gingerbread men too!— VIPS () April 26, 2024


As part of their science workshops yesterday, Whale Class had to use their bodies to make animal sculptures in small groups.— VIPS () April 26, 2024


We’re so excited about our macrame club this term! Watch this space to see some gorgeous hanging planters evolve!— VIPS () April 26, 2024


As part of Science Week, Year 5 had an amazing workshop all about the space race, and how satellites such as the ISS are constructed in space!— VIPS () April 25, 2024


Seals class have been learning about how to measure a perimeter in Maths and how to convert from mm to cm.— VIPS () April 22, 2024


Some pupils attend the Climate Innovation Day at The Royal Institution in London. They listened to a series of presentations from scientists, mathematicians and IT specialists, on how they are working to research and combat climate change.— VIPS () March 22, 2024


Today, Turtles experienced life as a refugee! Inspired by this term’s text, The Boy at the Back of the Class. Turtles found that some places were not very welcoming, which was made more difficult from the fact that we could not speak the same language!— VIPS () March 20, 2024


KS2 enjoyed participating in language workshops on Tuesday morning, focusing on German, French and Spanish with some students from— VIPS () March 20, 2024


This week, Year 5 have been researching different topics in the Anglo-Saxon period to create their very own non-chronological reports, in readiness for our Anglo-Saxon experience day on Monday— VIPS () March 14, 2024


Year 5 and 6 had a fascinating journalism workshop led by BBC reporter Ian Sherwood. The children learnt how Ian first got into the world of journalism and the truly incredible story of Ian reporting of President Obama’s election back in 2008.— VIPS () March 11, 2024


At Valley Invicta Primary School at Kings Hill, we believe that excellent uniform is part of setting high academic standards. As a result, pupils will be expected to adhere to our uniform requirements at all times. This means that uniform must be worn correctly both in and out of school. All items of uniform are available from our supplier, Pages -

A full list of uniform can be found in the table below, with more detailed information in the pop-out sections at the bottom of the page.

This list was reviewed in September 2022 to reflect new legislation around school uniform affordability. A number of items which previously had to be purchased through our school uniform suppliers can now be purchased at any retailer.

Please note, also, that some items which were previously compulsory have now been made optional. If you wish to discuss any aspect of school uniform, please contact the school office.

Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Uniform Item


Optional but must be bought from official uniform supplier

Can be bought from any retailer

Tartan box pleat skirt (Reception and Year 1)




Polo shirt (with logo)




Jumper/cardigan (with logo)








Kilt (from Year 2)




White shirt/white revere blouse




Clip on tie, tartan




Summer dress








Tights, navy (to be worn with skirt)




Socks, grey (to be worn with trousers) or white ankle socks (can be worn with pinafores/skirts)




PE top, white




PE shorts, navy




PE jogging bottoms




PE fleece, navy








Shoes, black






Summer uniform (optional) can be worn after Easter half term until October half term (weather depending).

Winter uniform should be worn after October half term until Easter.

Please direct any questions about uniform to the School Office. 

You can read the Trust's full statement on uniform here.

Click on the sections below for more detailed uniform information.


  • Tartan box pleat skirt or trousers with a white polo shirt with school logo, navy cotton tights (socks should only be worn with a skirt during summer, or with trousers). In Terms 1, 5 and 6, a summer dress can be worn instead of a skirt or trousers, but this is optional. Summer dresses should be worn with plain white ankle socks.
  • Grey trousers with a white polo shirt with school logo, grey socks and a jumper with the school logo. In summer, short grey trousers may be worn with grey socks.
  • Navy coat with school logo – optional.
  • School branded bag – optional.


  • Tartan panel-pleated skirt or trousers, with a white revere collar blouse, navy cotton tights and a cardigan with the school logo. In Terms 1, 5 and 6, a summer dress can be worn instead of skirt or trousers, but this is optional. Summer dresses should be worn with plain white ankle socks.
  • Grey trousers with a white shirt and tartan clip-on tie, grey socks and a jumper with the school logo. In summer, short grey trousers may be worn with grey socks.
  • A school blazer (with logo) should be worn by all students in Years 3 to 6.
  • Navy coat with school logo – optional.
  • School branded bag – optional.


  • White polo shirt with logo and banded collar and sleeves.
  • Navy blue polycotton shorts.
  • Navy fleece with logo - optional.
  • Navy joggers – optional.
  • Black plimsolls.
  • Trainers for outdoor games only.

Pupils must have their full PE kit in school at all times. If pupils do not have their PE kit, they will be sent to another class with work. Should a pupil not have their correct kit on three occasions, a letter will be sent home to parents. Please ensure that appropriate warm clothing is provided for the winter months. PE is a component of the curriculum and is vital to the wellbeing of all children. For hygiene reasons, pupils are not allowed to borrow PE kits. Children in KS2 should have trainers in school for all PE lessons.

All items are available from our supplier Pages Schoolwear. Non-logo items are readily available on the High Street. All clothing and footwear should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.


  • Hair should be worn neat and tidy and worn with no extremes of style or colour.
  • Line markings/shaved patterns are not permitted.
  • Long hair should be tied back.
  • Hair accessories (alice bands, hairbands, scrunchies, hair slides/clips) must be plain and of a neutral colour e.g. blue or black.


Children can wear small, plain, stud earrings which they must be able to remove themselves for PE lessons.  Watches may also be worn and removed for PE lessons.  Smart watches are not allowed.

No make-up or nail varnish is permitted.


Appropriate school shoes must be worn. Girls’ shoes must have a secure strap. No boots are permitted.

Valley Invicta Academies Trust has high expectations for all children to wear full school uniform according to this policy. Children will receive a ‘Missing Uniform’ letter detailing any uniform infringements and a 24 hour grace period to replace any missing items. Persistent uniform infringements may result in a child being sent home from school.  


We have a pre-loved uniform Facebook page and regular face-to-face opportunities to buy second-hand uniform.

Unmarked uniform is offered first-come, first-serve each term.