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Some pupils attend the Climate Innovation Day at The Royal Institution in London. They listened to a series of presentations from scientists, mathematicians and IT specialists, on how they are working to research and combat climate change.— VIPS () March 22, 2024


Today, Turtles experienced life as a refugee! Inspired by this term’s text, The Boy at the Back of the Class. Turtles found that some places were not very welcoming, which was made more difficult from the fact that we could not speak the same language!— VIPS () March 20, 2024


KS2 enjoyed participating in language workshops on Tuesday morning, focusing on German, French and Spanish with some students from— VIPS () March 20, 2024


This week, Year 5 have been researching different topics in the Anglo-Saxon period to create their very own non-chronological reports, in readiness for our Anglo-Saxon experience day on Monday— VIPS () March 14, 2024


Year 5 and 6 had a fascinating journalism workshop led by BBC reporter Ian Sherwood. The children learnt how Ian first got into the world of journalism and the truly incredible story of Ian reporting of President Obama’s election back in 2008.— VIPS () March 11, 2024


Turtles showed brilliant resilience and teamwork whilst at Bowles this week! Their effect was fantastic, despite the weather, and we are very grateful to all staff and helpers that joined us too.— VIPS () March 7, 2024


Seal class created their own bookmarks based on their favourite authors and books. They shared the reasons why it was their favourite with their peers and then used the iPADS to look up more books from the authors so they could read some more in the future!— VIPS () March 7, 2024


Seal Class had a fabulous Stone Age workshop! They made their own hammers by splitting wood and tying stones, made their own clay pots and had a go at guessing the names of different stones that were used during the Stone Age. The children all had a great day!— VIPS () March 5, 2024


Turtles have had great fun being creative with their animations! We have learnt what frames are and how we can compile them to create a moving image!— VIPS () March 4, 2024


We would like to say a huge thanks to our amazing Governors on Governor Awareness Day!— VIPS () February 29, 2024


Turtles have had a brilliant time using oil pastels in their Art this morning! Last week, we sketched our waves and looked at the shapes that the contours create, so today we have used oil pastels to add colour and shading to make our pictures look even more fantastic!— VIPS () February 28, 2024


This week, Dolphin class are showcasing some of their amazing work they completed last half term! Check out these incredible animal conservation posters!— VIPS () February 23, 2024


Seals class have been writing their own version of the Iron Man opening. They created their own story maps and then tried to include similes, metaphors and ellipsis in their own writing. Mrs Covey was really impressed with their work!— VIPS () February 23, 2024


Turtles have been doing some brilliant work on their times tables this week and recapping their prior knowledge!— VIPS () February 22, 2024


As part of the children have been taking part in different activities at lunchtime including Obstacle course, Lego and trains and The Big Treasure Hunt and drawing!— VIPS () February 8, 2024


Last Friday, as part of our NSPCC maths day, Year 5 used the Fibonacci number sequence to create some spiral art, incorporating the ‘Golden Ratio!— VIPS () February 7, 2024


This week in art, Year 5 experimented with oil pastels to recreate an image of a sunset over Westminster Bridge. Some amazing work- well done, Year 5!— VIPS () January 31, 2024


Whale class have been working hard on their Monet masterpieces, they completed their art work by adding small elements of green by working ‘wet into wet’ as Monet did.— VIPS () January 31, 2024


Stingray Class have been researching and writing information texts based on the Northern Lights. Mr Littleton is incredibly proud of the high quality work that the children have produced!— VIPS () January 26, 2024


Shark Class have been revising our learning on money and coins and practicing number and letter formation. In our Art this week, we have learned the skill of weaving and produced some beautiful pieces of artwork!— VIPS () January 24, 2024


Whale Class have been busy adding lilies to their Waterlilies paintings— VIPS () January 24, 2024


This week, Year 5 have been sketching the Gherkin from memory, in homage of this term’s artist, Stephen Wiltshire— VIPS () January 24, 2024


Year 3 have been learning how to use persuasion in English this week. They have been writing adverts to sell Grandma’s house from our class book: ‘The Building Boy’.— VIPS () January 24, 2024


Turtles Class couldn’t wait to read the next part of their text this term, ‘The Land of Roar’!— VIPS () January 24, 2024


Stingray class have been busy creating coffee portrait masterpieces this week! The children were focusing on their use of tone to bring their portraits to life!— VIPS () January 19, 2024

Outstanding Education

We have developed a curriculum model in which children may thrive, feel inspired and have a suite of meaningful and challenging experiences. Using evidence based research, we review this with regularity so that we remain relevant and engaging. We also believe that learning does not happen solely in the classroom; it is the world around us for which we are preparing our children so we must take our learning outside, introduce them to expert external speakers and educators and take them into the local community. This also allows us to embed the importance of a civic education; that is to say an understanding not just of who we are as societies but how we were shaped and influenced. We expect the children to take responsibility for their learning and at the end of Term 2 and Term 4 they lead a review of their work and experiences during Family Conference sessions. 

We have high academic aspirations for all our children however we are also dedicated to the development and nurture of the child themselves through our character based curriculum. We want our children to be proud of who they are and to develop the social stamina needed for a tough modern world.