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Outstanding Education

We have developed a curriculum model in which children may thrive, feel inspired and have a suite of meaningful and challenging experiences. Using evidence based research, we review this with regularity so that we remain relevant and engaging. We also believe that learning does not happen solely in the classroom; it is the world around us for which we are preparing our children so we must take our learning outside, introduce them to expert external speakers and educators and take them into the local community. This also allows us to embed the importance of a civic education; that is to say an understanding not just of who we are as societies but how we were shaped and influenced. We expect the children to take responsibility for their learning and at the end of Term 3 and Term 5 they lead a review of their work and experiences during Family conference sessions. 

We have high academic aspirations for all our children however we are also dedicated to the development and nurture of the child themselves through our character based curriculum. We want our children to be proud of who they are and to develop the social stamina needed for a tough modern world.