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Twitter Wall

Twitter Wall



Retweeted From VIAT

Would you, or someone you know, like to train to teach?Come to one of our allocated sessions on Wednesday 30 June 2021, at the School of Science & Technology Maidstone, to find out about the courses that we offer through the Trust. More information here:


Are you a Teaching Assistant looking for a new challenge? We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate individuals to work in a Special Needs position and within EYFS. You can find all the details about both roles here:


Today the whole school has taken part in our annual Penguin Pals Day as part of All children have had a variety of activities and tasks to take part in throughout the day


Retweeted From Mivvy Creative

someone is eggstremely happy (sorry!) to have received an Easter egg from Mrs Ambrose today!


Congratulation to Dolphin Class on topping our leader board this week, what super effort you have all put in! Well done to Starfish Class and Seal Class for coming second and third respectively 👏🥳


During Science this week, Year 3 dissected a flower in order to recognise and identify the parts.


This week Year 6 took part in a virtual Sea cadet session with Suzy Green. The children took part in a buoyancy lesson where they were testing the buoyancy of different materials and why they are chosen as materials for safety equipment.


Year 3 have been practicing their reading aloud this week. They discussed how important the role of the listener was as well as the reader. In order to ensure our listener was listening we asked them some RIC style questions based on the text they had just engaged with!


Tomorrow we will be celebrating Children can wear anything they want to school, but there will be key stage prizes for an outfit or hairstyle that makes others laugh the most!


We currently have some frogspawn in Year 1. The children have been observing them change and develop into tadpoles.


Seal Class have been conducting a water transportation experiment with food colouring in Science this week.


Whale Class have been looking at atlases to find countries where some different fruits and vegetables are grown.


Huge congratulations to Starfish Class on being top of the podium this week on our leader board. Congratulations to Turtles for second place and Penguins for third place. Who will be top next week?! 🥳👏


Year 2 have been comparing the capacity of different containers as part on their Maths lesson today.


Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do!


Its been lovely to welcome back all the children today. The school has had a great atmosphere and all the children seem very happy and excited to be back!


Here is our latest Sensory Circuit video for you to take part in.


Year 1 & 2 have been enjoying some activities in school today.


Starfish Class have been enjoying World Book Day across Teams. This afternoon, we shared Farmyard Hullabaloo, before singing Old MacDonald, using our classroom animals.


It's great to see that children are still getting involved in at home, please do continue to share your pictures with us!


It's great to see that children are still getting involved in at home, please do continue to share your pictures with us!


In Science, Year 3 conducted an experiment with seeds to find out the requirements needed for a plant go grow. They can't wait to find out what happens! They will be observing changes daily using their investigation results record!


Valley Park School is holding its first Community Art Auction on YouTube, on Thurs 4 March at 7pm. The virtual live event will raise money for Dementia UK & there will be a range of artwork to purchase - don't miss it!


On Tuesday, Starfish class downed their online tools in favour for some more creative ones and made 3D tractors!


All the staff at Kings Hill would like to say a huge Thank You to Julie Derrick, CEO of Valley Invicta Academies Trust for our tasty treats!


Today Starfish children have been using playdough to solve subtraction problems.


Year 1 have been measuring time and recorded how many times they could do one activity in one minute. I think it is safe to say they will sleep well tonight as they worked so hard on this, especially the exercise activities! Well done everyone 👏


Year 1 have been completing activities linked to the story Wild by Emily Hughes in English this week. Today, they have written a piece of text in role as the man character. We are so impressed with their writing!


Paige in Year 3 has written a short story in English and using her understanding from our French sessions has written the story out again in French!


This week in English Year 3 produced their own Magic Show adverts based on our class text 'Leon and the Place Between' by They explored the key features used in persuasive adverts whilst making sure they appeal to their target audience and catch people's eye.


Retweeted From World Book Day UK 📚

Enjoy our brand new, FREE audiobooks while you get ready for World Book Day 2021! Whether you’re reading together with the family, or listening in your own time, find your next audiobook to tune into here:


Retweeted From Bonnier Books UK

To celebrate 's eco lesson 🍃 with and , we are proud to be donating 8000 copies of Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World to


A reminder that all children will taking part in our virtual sponsored Danceathon this Friday raising money for the We will put together clips of each class to share with you all. All monies raised is to be paid on our Just Giving Page:


Take a look at this weeks Sensory Circuit video for children to take part in:


Freya in Year 5 has inspired her class mates to make stars of hope, we think this is a lovely idea and are enjoying seeing their creations!


Seal Class have kick started their new topic this term 'plants' with an informative interactive leaflet detailing each part of a flowering plant.


As part of their Rainforest Topic, over half term Seals have been busy consolidating their learning from last term creating layers of the rainforest models.


Dolphin Class have created some great art work as part of their Humanities topic on Rivers!


Starfish Class have been measuring height and today they found objects that were taller/shorter than a teddy bear!


The Teaching of Mathematics at Kings Hill

Our Curriculum

Our mathematics curriculum is based on a spiral curriculum approach which enables all pupils to revisit and reload knowledge regularly, rather than only once a year at a particular period – this has shown to be every effective for our school community!

In addition to our daily mathematics lessons pupils get separate fluency and times tables sessions, where pupils are taught explicit methods to become fast, fluent and effective mathematicians. For example, the use of rounding, complementing pairs and fact families.

Resources for our lessons are taken from a variety of resources including the White Rose Scheme, NRich, NCETM, PiXL and Maths No Problem. Using a variety of resources ensures pupils are engaged, motivated and challenged at all time.

Lesson Structure

We follow a Mastery approach to our Mathematics curriculum based on the Singapore teaching and learning models, as well as specialist support we have gathered taking part in our Maths ‘Teacher Research Group’ over the last year and a half.

Pupils are all challenged to learn together in groups, with the necessary challenge and support in a lesson, to allow all abilities to flourish.

All Mathematics lessons are based on a I do, We do and You do approach.

1.Flying Start

This ‘hook’ includes consolidation of arithmetic skills from across the last lesson, week, month, term and year group phase. Regularly reflecting back to prior learning ensures that pupils keep skills fresh and builds upon their long term memory. Rapid recall and number fact knowledge is key to support more advanced skills as pupils progress through the mathematics curriculum.

2.Guided Practice (I do, We do, You do)

Throughout the rest of the lesson the children are introduced to different challenges (4 to 5) that show progress in a skill across a lesson. These challenges are modelled by the teacher independently, before the students and teacher work together on the same concept. Each challenge is then consolidated by independent practice (you do). Challenges provide pupils with different pictorial representations, as well as learning about mathematics in contexts – this shows them that mathematics can be used in their daily lives and future aspirations.

The (I do, We do, You do) approach is repeated numerous times across a lesson to ensure that children are given multiple opportunities for teacher modelling, as well as more frequent opportunities for misconceptions and barriers to be addressed.

Each challenge is pitched carefully for all pupils in the class to access but challenge and support is provided for those pupils that need it by the use of extra manipulatives, adult support/intervention or our ‘blue star’ and reasoning challenges.

Reasoning is explicitly shown in workbooks through the use of a purple reasoning pen, this allows pupils to see the importance of the following reasoning skills:

  • Describing
  • Explaining
  • Convincing
  • Justifying
  • Proving
  • Conjecturing

These skills are fluid and pupils will deep in and out of these reasoning skills across their mathematics experiences in each year group.

PiXL Times Tables and Other Resources

As a school we promote the use of PiXL Times Tables, as the App allows students to recognise and recall times tables quickly and efficiently from a very young age, setting high expectations straight away – by the end of Year 4 all pupils should know their times tables up 12x12 with instant recall. PiXL Times Tables App also follows a similar format as the Multiplication Check which all Year 4 pupils will complete annually, beginning June 2020.

Times Tables Games

Top Marks Maths

Calculation Policy

Times Tables in School

Division in School

Multiplication in School

Times Table Rock Stars

In school we are using the Times Table Rock Stars app to help children learn their times tables.  Please watch our introduction for help with using the system. 

Times Table Rock Stars Introduction 

Numbots Introduction