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Outstanding Care

Partnerships with our families are the cornerstone to a child’s successes and happiness and we believe that it is the care for the whole family that is the core driver for this. Our integration programme for our youngest children assures the very best start and opportunities; we firmly believe that it is the quality of this start to school that will have the greatest impact on a child’s wellbeing and future successes and we heavily invest in assuring this. The very best practices from our model of provision entitlement in Early Years permeates all year groups and ensures the best life chances for our pupils. This underpinning focus on wellbeing and engagement uses both Leuvan and the Characteristics of Effective Learning so that every class teacher has a full and detailed profile of each child in their care.

Our curriculum allows for the individual needs of each child to be met and allows them a voice to direct their learning according to their areas of interest. We want our parents to be an integral part of our school; to visit us and engage in learning experiences, to share concerns so that we can support these and to help us to continue to grow by being an active part of some areas of our decision making.