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There is currently 1 in 2 chance of winning one out of our amazing prizes. Please share with family and friends. Raffle is drawing at 5pm today!!!The PTA— VIPS () December 1, 2023

30/11/23— VIPS () November 30, 2023


Another creative Christmas workshop got underway this week: a group of year 5 and 6 students were learning to make eco Christmas decorations from dogwood and embroidery threads!— VIPS () November 30, 2023


Year 5 have been getting into the festive spirit by creating their own ‘mini-wreaths’ using pipe cleaners, glue and a lot of glitter! These will be sold at our Xmas fair on Friday!— VIPS () November 28, 2023


Year 3 had a fab time on our trip to Samphire Hoe yesterday. It felt like all of our science learning about rocks, soil and fossils this term came to life in front of our eyes!— VIPS () November 24, 2023


Turtles have been focusing on character description in English, they have created some incredible writing about the character of Lila from this term’s book, The Firework Maker’s Daughter! We even had the chance to do some creative writing of our own!— VIPS () November 22, 2023


We have raised a fantastic £243.30 so far for the children all took part in spotty themed art and we tried our best to create our own Pudsey!— VIPS () November 21, 2023


As part of ‘Show your spots day’ Children in Need 2023, Year 6 have been creating WW2 Blitz pictures in the style of pointillism.— VIPS () November 17, 2023


Year 5 had a special treat this week, with a visit to the British Museum, London. We had a brilliant time seeing a whole host of treasures including Ancient Greek sculptures, Ancient Egyptian mummies and solid gold Medieval coins worth millions!— VIPS () November 16, 2023


The first of our art clubs started today, with some of our key stage 2 children learning how to create a Christmas wreath! We can’t wait to see how they develop over the next few weeks!— VIPS () November 15, 2023


Year 3 have been creating some epic Stone Age moves in our dance class. Can you work out what activity they are recreating in these pictures?— VIPS () November 15, 2023


Year 3 have been using techniques of sequencing images and creating freeze frames to help them to remember the storylines of the book ‘Stone Age Boy’— VIPS () November 9, 2023

09/11/23— VIPS () November 9, 2023


To kick start their new Dance topic in PE, Stingray class have been exploring different ‘swing dance’ movements. These movements will help them to eventually choreograph a short dance to ‘The White cliffs of Dover’ by Vera Lynn.— VIPS () November 9, 2023


Would you like to join our team! We are currently hiring.— VIPS () November 9, 2023


Year 6 have been busy recapping and consolidating all of their Science learning this week! Our Super Stingrays have been testing their sticky knowledge about Karl Linnaeus and microorganisms!— VIPS () October 20, 2023


Year 5 have been finishing their flooding topic by recreating their very own model village, complete with working dam! All made out of Lego, I might add! Will the dam hold the water back and save the village?! We’ll find out next lesson!— VIPS () October 20, 2023


This week in PSHE, Turtles have had a fantastic discussion about recognising our own emotions and seeing them in others. We looked at how to live without harming others and how noticing our differences should be a positive learning experience.— VIPS () October 18, 2023


In PSHE this week Seals class have been learning about their rights and ordering them into ones they think are most important to them.— VIPS () October 17, 2023


Year 3 have been thinking about deforestation and today we had some special visitors all the way from the Amazon Rainforest to talk about their work. We had Hosé the beef farmer, Mr Palmer the palm oil farmer and Steve the logger!— VIPS () October 13, 2023


Check out the brilliant extended writing and Science work going on in Stingray class this week! For their writing focus this week, the children have been writing persuasive texts to advertise their class novel ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’.— VIPS () October 13, 2023


Turtles were lucky enough to take part in a flashmob workshop! They performed a spooky dance to a very surprised Years 5 and 6!— VIPS () October 13, 2023


In English Sharks have been thinking about Autumn and Harvest, and have been writing about what we might see on an Autumn walk, ready for our own walk around the field!— VIPS () October 13, 2023


Thank you so much to the PTA for providing us the funds to buy these fantastic books for the Year 3 classroom! We are so excited about reading them!— VIPS () October 12, 2023


In our sketchbook lesson this week Seals have worked on developing their tracing skills, and also encouraged some left brain/right brain fluidity in our double handed drawings of leaves!— VIPS () October 12, 2023

Our Governors

Susan Anderson 

I am a co-opted Governor at VIPS@KH, however I am also a parent.  My background is HR so I have a solid understanding of how to build a team, make challenges as and when required, and assist with succession and getting the right people in the right places so they can flourish, ultimately helping our children to get the best possible experience the can whilst at our school.  I’m passionate about making a difference and will do all I can to encourage and support the senior team, wider staff community, parents and of course our children.


Suzie Hammond

I was elected Parent Governor in March 2021 and I have been a parent of the school since 2016. I am very pleased to be part of the team and to be able to use my skills and leadership experience to support the school to continue to thrive. In my professional capacity I have worked in many retail leadership roles at various locations in the Southeast and for the last decade, I have been a senior leader of a complex, successful multimillion pound food retail operation in an employee-owned business. I am passionate about adult and child wellbeing and I have taken on the Wellbeing Governor link role.


Aurore Laborie 

Since moving to the UK from my native France almost 10 years ago to complete my MSc in London, I am now a Team Leader in the R&D department of a global pharmaceutical company based in Kent.  Having lived in Kings Hill for over 5 years and in West Malling for 4 years, I have developed a strong connection to the area and am actively involved in supporting our local community. As part of that commitment, I am excited to be a new governor at Valley Invicta Primary School at Kings Hill.  As someone who has benefited a great deal from a good education, I care deeply about improving the educational experiences of young people. I am particularly interested in encouraging STEM subjects and creating a welcoming setting for high quality education. 


Marelle Giles

Having been in the teaching profession for almost 25 years, I am very pleased to hold the post of co-opted governor at Valley Invicta Kings Hill primary school.   Over the last year I have very much enjoyed seeing the school and students flourish under the care, guidance and support of the Headteacher and school staff.   In my role as Head of Lower School at Invicta Grammar School, I recognise the importance of High Quality Education in enabling students to achieve their potential academically and also in helping them become the very best individuals that they can be.   It is with this professional experience that I hope to be an asset to the school and support school leaders and staff in maintaining the high standard of education and care offered.


Laura Page

I have worked in Education for over 15 years as a Teacher, SENCo and Senior Leader in schools and across a Trust. Bedfore that I worked in broadcasting for young people creating social action campaigns. I am involved in Special Educational Needs, Safeguarding and supporting families and bring that experience to my role as Governor. I live in Kent with my two children, husband and pets and love reading, playing golf and going to the gym. 


Kieran Found

I was elected parent governor in March 2022. I have a son in year one and a daughter hopefully joining in September. My role as governor focuses on personal development which is a key focus for the school for both the children and staff. In my professional capacity I am a marketing director within events and publishing and have a keen interest in the public sector and education and particularly the power of education to drive social mobility and striving to ensure equal opportunities for children of all backgrounds.


Angela Leagas

My professional career has been spent working in the field of communications and change management, initially within large corporations and then running my own consultancy. At the same time, I have always been passionate about children’s welfare and education, and I trained as an NSPCC Childline Counsellor as well as spending six years volunteering for the NSPCC Schools Service, holding safeguarding assemblies and workshops across primary schools in Kent. Since 2016, I have volunteered at my local primary school, providing classroom support for Key Stage 2 children. I am delighted to be joining Valley Invicta Kings Hill Primary School as a Co-opted Governor, and hope to use my experience to help the school and its pupils to continue to flourish.