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We would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe summer. We hope you all manage to enjoy some family time and fingers crossed for some sunny weather! Take care and we will see you in September.


Dolphin Class have been exploring tessellations through using different manipulatives. Naithvika has been exploring statements about tessellations and using her reasoning skills to explain her findings.


Starfish Class decided to create their own football stadiums after the events last weekend using the wooden blocks


Year 4 have been reviewing the Euros, thinking about the qualities displayed by the England team and how they can inspire us. Some children have written letters of support to members of the team.


Sayli in Year 2 has written a lovely letter after school for the England squad. What a lovely letter Sayli!


Year 3 have been learning how to read and write in grams and kilograms on scales.


We are pleased to say that the VIAT Online Exhibition is now live! Please do take a look at the fantastic work that has been done across the Trust.


Year 1 have been working hard at making 4 equal groups to support their understanding of quartering!


Year 2 have enjoyed their afternoon testing out their own games in order to evaluate them!


In Design Technology, Seal Class have been busy creating final decorations for their floats. We are really looking forward to seeing them when finished!


Here is the link to the next issue of Families Magazine West Kent. This issue is full of useful information and advice for parents including holiday activities, summer learning, health and family food.


Year 6 have got their activity week off to a great start with Pizza making! They are looking forward to tasting their hard work later!


Congratulations to Isla in Whale Class on being awarded the Sportsmanship award for The Wateringbury Girls Football academy. She has done very well this season, well done Isla!!


Huge Congratulations to Eliza in Dolphin Class on coming first at her Dressage competition, we are very proud of her


Mrs Moisan's Son, Alfred has used lockdown to combine his passion for cooking with helping to raise money for by serving up a book of interviews with some of the best chefs in the world. Please take a look. 100% of profits will go to Fareshare.


We are holding a transition event on 6 July to help you and your child prepare to move from primary to secondary school. It'll be held in the library of our secondary school, SST Maidstone, from 5-6pm. Find out more details, and book your place here:


The Year 6 Transition Evening scheduled for this week has been postponed until next Tuesday 6 July 2021 at 5.30pm. If you would like to sign up to attend, please use the link below.


Year 3 have been working on writing in the first person to produce a diary entry. Great works Seal Class.


The KS1 gymnasts completed the filming for their virtual competition today. Everyone tried so hard and remembered the varied sequences without any help at all! Well done to the Team!


Year 6 have taken part in their first collaborative creative session. The children were tasked with making 'zines' that included images from all of their favourite things in life!


Year 1 have been exploring seasonal change. They used oil pastels to demonstrate how deciduous trees change through the seasons.


Year 1 & 2 have thoroughly enjoyed their Circus Sensible workshop today, learning lots of new skills and performing


Dolphin Class have created sets of instructions for their own 'mocktails' - They have been inspired by the story of Snow White in New York. In order to check their instructions out they had lots of fun making their creations.


We are so pleased that Emmie has been awarded a distinction for her grade 1 piano exam. Her daily practise on the grand piano in our HUB has really paid off and given us all some beautiful music to listen to as well. Congratulations Emmie!


Starfish Class have had the most exciting art workshop this week. an artist inspired by space, beamed in from Australia and gave the children a live introduction to her work, and how she has developed as an internationally acclaimed painter.


We are looking for an SRP Teaching Assistant to join our friendly team at Kings Hill... more details here -


Year 1 worked so hard on their hobby horses this week and we are amazed by the beautiful results. Well done!


Retweeted From Mark Montgomery

I enjoyed this so much and although a little hot, being on pilgrimage and talking about my pilgrimages to with the children was great. And a privilege to to face schools work again!


Turtle Class went on a pilgrimage to West Malling church this week. We walked through fields & Manor Park, stopping to look at the woodland habitat for our science topic. We were lucky to be accompanied by Rev. Mark, who showed us around & told us all about pilgrimages.


This week Year 5 have been lucky to have the support of an ex-Valley Park pupil with our singing. We have learnt 'Under the sea' and will be recording it in a few weeks time.


In our Maths lessons in Year 6, we have been learning how to manage a budget by planning and designing a Theme Park. The children were careful to make ongoing calculations, keeping track of their individual budgets throughout the planning stage.


We are delighted with the collaboration, resilience and enthusiasm that our children showed during our Primary Art Workshop this week. Everyone represented the school and Trust so well, and really built some fantastic skills and confidence using all kinds of art media.


Turtle class learnt about food that we might take on a journey. We considered how to make food healthy and practical to store and eat, and we made bread, cereal bars and salads, then planned our own ideal sandwich!


Year 1 took part in a wire workshop this morning to make their very own carousel horses! Thank you to Mrs Bull for coming from the to help us with this learning. They turned out so well!


Would you like to join our friendly team? We are currently looking for a Higher Level Teaching Assistant for a Special Needs position. You can find all the details, and apply, here:


In Year 2 we have been taking part in some acting to help us get inside the mind of the main character in our book for this term. Here are some children showing how the character felt staring into the deep, dark basement.


The children at Mindfulness Club made these amazing calming glitter jars! The photos don't do it justice to just how mesmerising they are.


This morning, Year 6 took part in a Crime SOS Knife Crime workshop. The children were given information on the dangers of carrying offensive weapons and what to do if they were ever to witness someone carrying or using a weapon.


The children were very excited to come into school this morning to see that more partridges had hatched over night!


We are excited to announce that VIPS at Kings Hill’s baby Elmer “Elci” will be positioned in The Mall in Maidstone for the Elmer Parade. Baby Elmers will be stampeding to their spots today as a as a teaser for the Parade launch the following weekend!


The Teaching of English at Kings Hill

We aim to teach the following lessons each week to ensure coverage of skills and progression in all areas of the English curriculum.

We follow the Talk for Writing approach to our writing.

  • Monday - Reading lesson
  • Tuesday - SPAG lesson
  • Wednesday - Friday - Writing skills lessons

We aim to enable our children to:

  • Enjoy quality experiences that will enhance their writing, knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Be enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama as well as non-fiction texts.
  • Become lifelong learners as readers and writers through the Talk for Writing approach.
  • Explore global issues through writing (for example, persuasive writing and spoken language).  
  • Write with confidence, fluency and understanding, orchestrating a range of independent strategies to self monitor and correct.
  • Write a range of text types each seasonal term (fiction and non-fiction) and in a range of genres and be able to write in a variety of styles and form appropriate to the situation.
  • Increase their ability to use planning, editing and drafting to improve their work.
  • Use a variety of mediums to express their written ideas, e.g. ICT and Drama.

Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing starts with enjoying and sharing stories. Throughout the school, we place a strong emphasis on children reading stories and enjoying a range of high quality literature. Through regular reading, we want children to build up an extensive and rich vocabulary for use in their own writing.

During the initial 'imitation' stage of Talk for Writing, children learn to tell a story off by heart. They retell a text with expression and actions and make use of a story map to support their retelling. Once the story is learnt, children are encouraged to adapt it. We then work on skills and ideas to develop the child's own writing. Many writing opportunities (through Reading, Spag and Writing lessons ) will take place in a learning sequence and finally will result in the "invention" stage where children will be challenged to write their own version (or invention) of the story or text independently.

To find out more, please visit Talk4Writing  

Setting Ideas

Character Ideas

Grammar Organiser

Progression in SPAG Skills


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer programme that helps teachers monitor and manage children’s independent reading practice. Children choose books from their own level, read them at their own pace and then, when finished, quiz on the book at school on our Ipads or Macs. Feedback and results provided from the quiz allows the child and the teacher to choose new books, discuss strategies for reading and plan the next steps for their child's comprehension skills.

To search and find a book from the Accelerated Reader scheme please click the link below:

AR Bookfinder

Parents' Guide to Accelerated Reading

Accelerated Reader Powerpoint


Following the Government’s introduction of the new framework, spelling expectations for each year group have become more specific and detailed. Recognising the new higher expectations and specific emphasis on spellings, at our school we focus on daily teaching of spelling and phonics.   We use a range of fun, investigative and interactive methods to teach new spelling patterns and rules.

Spelling is a key part of becoming a successful writer.  It:

  • helps children to write more fluently, dedicating more of their energies towards creative writing (rather than the mechanical process of spelling);
  • helps children to attempt to spell unfamiliar words, enriching their vocabulary;
  • gives children opportunities to investigate and understand the true meaning of words;
  • develops confident writers and readers.

Key Stage 1 Read Write Inc and Phonics

Word List for Years 3 and 4

Word List for Years 5 and 6




Oracy - the four strands are:

1. Physical

2. Linguistic

3. Cognitive

4.Social and Emotional

Please see the links below for useful Oracy information.

Giving Proof of Listening Means

What does good Oracy look and sound like?


Choose your Protocol

Listening Ladder

Discussion Guidelines

The Oracy Framework

Parent Workshops and Information