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Whatever your reason for visiting our website, I hope that it captures the spirit and warmth of our school. We are enormously proud of our children and consider it a privilege to serve the Kings Hill community and to work with our families. 

The school has enjoyed rapid and exciting growth since its opening in September 2015, moving into our new building in April 2016. Since then, the children, staff and our parental community have shaped our identity, culture and values. We have high aspirations for all our pupils and offer a curriculum at the heart of which art and culture are embedded. We believe that this should be the entitlement of every child and ensures the celebration of pupil successes at every level. 

We are a reading school, in the recognition that reading for pleasure is the most significant determiner in a child’s future successes. Reading not only inspires child’s imaginations and empowers them as writers, it enables them to access all parts of the curriculum and prepares them to be healthy and skilled young adults. Reading permeates every part of our day; subjects and topics are unlocked through stories, the children enjoy a story together in class at the start of the day and we meet at the end of each day to listen to one together as a whole school.

Children have one chance at their education so we take the responsibility for their care, nurture and education very seriously. As the first and enduring expert on their child, parents and the school form the team around your child, assuring them of the very best opportunities and that their needs are met through the provision and delivery of our curriculum. 

We are very pleased that our Specialist Resource Provision has opened this September. At present, two specialist colleagues run the Provision, which is dedicated to meeting the needs of children with a diagnosis of ASD. This is an exciting development within school and allows for this specialist knowledge and expertise to permeate the wider school. Children in the SRP will join some mainstream lessons in order to affect integration into the school as appropriate to their needs.

I hope that the wealth of opportunities and our commitment to your child’s very best chances are the message that you take away. Please do contact us if you have any questions or would like a tour of the school. We would be delighted to help you.

Mrs Sarah Bone

Sarah bone