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Retweeted From Valley Invicta Primary School at East Borough

After donating their old school uniform to Simooya Community School in Zambia, Year 4 pupils at East Borough found out how much more help the pupils there need. They’re now on a mission to raise £9,000! Find out more, and donate, here:


As part of our initiative to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle we no longer use disposable milk cartons. This term, with the help of Cool Milk, we have swapped to glass milk bottles along with reusable cups and the children are really enjoying pouring themselves fresh milk every day.


A circle time group held a discussion about encouragement & how it is good to encourage people around us of how well they are doing. The circle time group went around the classes to give children & adults a positive comment to encourage them to carry on with their hard work


As part of this years our children have taken part in a parade, attended the local Remembrance Service, learnt all about Jaqueline Cochran in assembly and carried out a 2 minutes silence at 11am


This afternoon the whole school was introduced to the strategic game of chess. Children learnt about the key concepts as well as the power pieces involved and Learn Chess are offering a lunchtime club for children


Whilst the rest of the school had an assembly our staff were treated to a short Pilates and yoga session run by Mrs Smith & Mrs Halls. Both adults are training in different well-being approaches that can be used to support our pupils and staff.


Please come along to our open morning for children starting school in September 2020, on Wednesday 20 November, at 9.30 am. You can book your place by phoning 01732 841695, or you can book an individual tour on a separate date. We can't wait to welcome you to our school!


Retweeted From SST Maidstone

If you applied for a place at SST Maidstone, you should've now received an email with details of an assessment date. If you haven't received this, please check your spam folder in the first instance. If you need any help, please contact us:


This week the children have learnt all about firework safety and the historical significance of the day. We hope that any families attending displays this week have a great time and stay safe!


Our new Playground Charter is now proudly on display to promote our respectful expectations for behaviour.


We had a special 'Daily Mile' assembly, reminding our children of the importance of keeping healthy as well as the rules associated with our Daily Mile initiative. Children will be trying to run the daily mile three times a week as part of our curriculum


Yr6 have had the most terrific WW2 experience! put the class through their paces as soldiers, then had to become evacuees & imagine how it would have felt to leave their homes during the war. They also learnt how to defuse bombs and how to carry out an evacuation


Don't miss our open morning on Wednesday 20 November at 9.30am. Book a place by calling the school office on 01732 841695, or book an individual tour on a separate date. We look forward to welcoming you to our fantastic school and showing you just how much we have to offer!


**NEWS FLASH** Stevie has been found! Our Maths frog Fredina, hid him as she wanted a turn at going home with someone. In Starfish we are all about love and understanding, so we could not stay cross with her for long. Stevie has invited her on an adventure for the holidays


On their return to the classroom after play, Starfish children discovered that their treasured Stevie Starfish is missing! Using the advice from PCSO's Tony & Wendy,the children set to work, hunting for clues & displaying their own missing posters around the school


Dolphin Class put on a fabulous assembly this week all about the Ancient Greek gods. They showcased their acting and singing skills in a wonderful spin on Well done, Year 5!


Yesterday Mrs Covey led a mathematics workshop on EYFS & KS1, sharing the calculation progression between the different year groups & then got the parents to learn alongside the pupils. Everyone involved showed off their mathematical talents and the buzz in the hall was amazing!


Starfish Class created a brilliant Autumn big draw today to celebrate harvest and


Starfish Class parents/carers enjoyed a stay and play session this morning, exploring a range of child initiated tasks in the classroom. It was great to see the children teaching their own family members in the outside areas. Thank you for supporting this wonderful adventure!


Thanks to Reverend Mark for delivering another thoughtful speech during our Harvest Assembly. He shared the importance of us being thankful this time of year but also about being aware of our own responsibility as both adults and children to protect the world.


On Friday we held a celebration assembly to introduce our new Student Voice Leadership Team and they discussed their ideas of fundraising, Charity events, Safety and getting ‘Gold’ Rights Respecting by the end of the year with the rest of the school.


This week Dolphin Class had the pleasure of having a Skype Interview with Thanks to Maz for being such an inspiration to the children! They haven't stopped talking about it since.


We have taken part in our first Remarkable Writing Day of the year! To celebrate day, we focused on the classic novel Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. The teachers are now working to create new writing displays in the hall to be revealed at our Showcase supper.


We welcomed our Year Two parents for Lunch this week and the event was a great success, we have received lots of positive comments and look forward to welcoming Year 1 parents next term.


KS2 were treated to a Music Workshop lead by and got to see/hear a variety of instruments, they will be returning next Tuesday to hold an enrolment evening for parents, when children will get to try the instruments on offer


Starfish Class have been writing their names in chocolate as part of our Remarkable Writing Day, themed on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story,


Two teams one goal! Today we shared ideas around implementing a Rights Respecting Playground Charter and got to tour our school this time to see how far we had come on our RRSA journey. Thanks once again to Miss Carlow and her RRSA Ambassadors


Year 4 & 5 had a visit from the Dogs Trust this week. The children learnt all about Safety around Dogs. In particular they looked at how to use body gestures when a strange dog approaches them and how to always ask the owners permission before stroking any dog.


Don't miss the Valley Park School Scholarship Information Evening on 2 October from 6pm-7pm! Book your place now!


Year R have been enjoying their first few days of staying to lunch this week and have all been having school dinners, we look forward to them starting full time with us on Monday


As part of our Rights Respecting work, our youngest children in Starfish class created this masterpiece looking at the style of artist and capturing the UNCRC Article 7 - 'The right to a name'


As part of all our wonderful support staff were thanked in Assembly this morning, they took part in a game of 'Pass the Parcel' and all received a well deserved thank you prize.


As part of their topic work ‘Are you healthy’ Year 2 were visited by Nurse Lauren, who carried out a question and answer session with the children around being a nurse and working in A&E!


We are renewing our Rights Respecting School class charters, Rev. Mark reinforced the importance of support for one another, delivering a fun and thought- provoking assembly. Who knew squeezing toothpaste could help us think about the consequences of our actions!


Year 6 enjoyed a special treat this week in the build up to their PESE tests. Mrs Guthrie organised for to run a relaxation and well- being workshop. Everyone enjoyed 7 different calming activities. Many children were so relaxed they actually fell asleep by the end!


Thank you to Whales Class for growing their own tomatoes - the whole school were able to share these tasty treats in the salad bar today.


Year 5 & 6 have been busy practicing for their performance of 'The Three Little Pigs' at the concert next week


Shark Class have been busy learning the book 'Friends' by and have written a letter to him and are excited to see if they get any response!


It's the Autumn Invicta Fair on Saturday 21 September - don't miss it!


First day in school. Let the fun begin in Starfish!


The Teaching of English at Kings Hill

We aim to teach the following lessons each week to ensure coverage of skills and progression in all areas of the English curriculum.

We follow the Talk for Writing approach to our writing.

  • Monday - Reading lesson
  • Tuesday - SPAG lesson
  • Wednesday - Friday - Writing skills lessons

We aim to enable our children to:

  • Enjoy quality experiences that will enhance their writing, knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Be enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama as well as non-fiction texts.
  • Become lifelong learners as readers and writers through the Talk for Writing approach.
  • Explore global issues through writing (for example, persuasive writing and spoken language).  
  • Write with confidence, fluency and understanding, orchestrating a range of independent strategies to self monitor and correct.
  • Write a range of text types each seasonal term (fiction and non-fiction) and in a range of genres and be able to write in a variety of styles and form appropriate to the situation.
  • Increase their ability to use planning, editing and drafting to improve their work.
  • Use a variety of mediums to express their written ideas, e.g. ICT and Drama.

Talk for Writing starts with enjoying and sharing stories. Throughout the school, we place a strong emphasis on children reading stories and enjoying a range of high quality literature. Through regular reading, we want children to build up an extensive and rich vocabulary for use in their own writing.

During the initial 'imitation' stage of Talk for Writing, children learn to tell a story off by heart. They retell a text with expression and actions and make use of a story map to support their retelling. Once the story is learnt, children are encouraged to adapt it. We then work on skills and ideas to develop the child's own writing. Many writing opportunities (through Reading, Spag and Writing lessons ) will take place in a learning sequence and finally will result in the "invention" stage where children will be challenged to write their own version (or invention) of the story or text independently.

To find out more, please visit

Setting Ideas

Character Ideas

Grammar Organiser

Progression in SPAG Skills


The Teaching of Reading at Valley Invicta Primary School at Kings Hill - further information

Book List

Recommended Quality Texts

Reading Tips

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer programme that helps teachers monitor and manage children’s independent reading practice. Children choose books from their own level, read them at their own pace and then, when finished, quiz on the book at school on our Ipads or Macs. Feedback and results provided from the quiz allows the child and the teacher to choose new books, discuss strategies for reading and plan the next steps for their child's comprehension skills.

To search and find a book from the Accelerated reader scheme please click the link below

Parents' Guide to Accelerated Reading


Following the Government’s introduction of the new framework, spelling expectations for each year group have become more specific and detailed. Recognising the new higher expectations and specific emphasis on spellings, at our school we focus on daily teaching of spelling and phonics. 

We use a range of fun, investigative and interactive methods to teach new spelling patterns and rules.

Spelling is a key part of becoming a successful writer.  It:

  • helps children to write more fluently, dedicating more of their energies towards creative writing (rather than the mechanical process of spelling);
  • helps children to attempt to spell unfamiliar words, enriching their vocabulary;
  • gives children opportunities to investigate and understand the true meaning of words;
  • develops confident writers and readers.

Key Stage 1 Read Write Inc and Phonics

Word List for Years 3 and 4

Word List for Years 5 and 6




Please see the links below for useful Oracy information. You can click on the images for further information about the four strands of Oracy specifically.

Giving Proof of Listening Means

What does good Oracy look and sound like?


Choose your Protocol

Listening Ladder

Discussion Guidelines

The Oracy Framework

Oracy - the four strands are:

1. Physical

2. Linguistic

3. Cognitive

4.Social and Emotional

Parent Workshops and Information

Parent Workshop Slideshow

English workshop for parents, March 2019

Summer Reading Letter

Other Resources

Pie Corbett Poems

Page Gallery